Update re: potential COCA meeting in Feb.

Happy New Year …

I trust that everyone had a relaxing holiday break.

I am grateful for the people who were able to take the time to respond to the Doodle.  So far, the best choices are either Thurs Feb 25th or Fri. Feb 26th.

If you have not yet completed the Doodle (even if none of the choices fit your calendar), please go to:

We also need a meeting location.  If you might be willing to host the Feb meeting on either Feb 25th or 26th, please email me directly.

We are also looking for ideas/topics for our meetings (hopefully we will still have 3 this year).  If you have something you are interested in and think the rest of COCA would be interested in, please visit this Google Doc and share.  In particular, if you have something you would like to share (something you are doing or your Board is doing), please volunteer.

Looking forward to connecting with you again

PS Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you feel may be interested in attending.COCA

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